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Western Skies is here to assist you in the growth and promotion of your business.  We value your input on projects and to help reduce cost invite you to become involved and familiar with different parts of the process. 

Becoming part of your team is important to us so we would like to offer our clients an understanding of processes, materials and terms we use.  Please check back as we will continue to add more tools and information  to this section.


Tools and Tutorials from Google

As a service to you we like to repost or provide links to useful information which we come across in developing web solutions that are google friendly. Below you will find some of these resources. Feel free to contact us for any further questions you may have on these tool.

Duplicate Content and the Google Myth:

Greg Grothaus from Google Search Quality
talks about duplicate content and multiple site issues.
Length: (14:37)


Google Myth on Keywords:

Matt Cutts explains that Google Does Not Use the Keyword Meta Tag in Web Ranking.
Length: (1:57)


Dictionary of Web Terms

As the web grows it becomes important that communication in talking about the web have standards and structure.  To increase involvement by our clients, we invite people to use our dictionary of web terms and if you would like terms added to this list please feel free to place a request on our contact form.


Web Color Table

Colors on paper unfortunately don’t show the same on monitors, pda’s and other devices.  With a push towards Hi-Definition devices this has become allot better but it is still important to understand that green on one screen may turn out pink on another.  In most cases it’s not that dramatic and merely a color temperature issue.  We provide a color table chart of web safe and common colors used on the web for you to experiment with on different devices and printers. This will help us make sure that there is less variation between your business cards, web design and other materials. 




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